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Eating too much food is more then a fashion then desire. You can only joy your food when you know what you consume. If you don’t have any clear idea,
what you eat?
How much carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, calcium are in your meal? Then you can be indulging in diabetes, heart problems, and high blood pressure diseases.
So it is necessary that you give yourself the pleasure of find out and deciding what to eat?
And what nutritional factors in your diet should be in?      


Foods with a lot of nutritional factors nourish our skin. A healthy skin required many elements like calcium, vitamins, proteins etc. due to the deficiency of these nutritional factors, or due to change in eating pattern it can cause of many skin diseases like Vitiligo, eczema, psoriasis etc.A Vitiligo patient diet should be simple, in harmony with nature. Vitiligo patient should keep in mind the seasonal natural foods in mind, like seasonal vegetables, fruits, Beans, nuts etc.


Vegetables usually taken low on the food chain but they provide the healthy mid range of PH in the body. They are the sources of vitamins like A, C & E. A Vitiligo patient should eat green leaves, spinach broccoli, carrots etc so that they can get the different nutritional factors and when the skin gets, it can produce melanin cells (color determine cells).


Fruits are the enrich source of nutritional factors. Fruits like apple consist of vitamin C, which energize a skin. It is also said that an apple in a day, keeps the doctor away. So Vitiligo patients add different fruits in their meal.


Beans contain protease inhibitors that protect our body from different toxins. They are a good source of vitamins A, E, C, the B complex and zinc co factors. Beans family is classified in kidney beans, Soya beans, lima beans, etc. Soya beans play a key role for Vitiligo patients.


Grains are much better then carbohydrates foods. It is important factor that gives nutrients to the body. It also helps to balance the PH range. Vitamins present in gains are so helpful for the skin diseases, including Vitiligo.


Nuts like walnuts, almonds, Brazil nuts are enrich with vitamin E, proteins and also contains pectin which removes the toxins and also minimize the radical formation in the body.


Olive Oil
It is produced from natural olives. Mostly used as cooking oil, in cosmetics & in soaps. It can predict the colon cancer, can nourish the skin and can be cause of producing pigmentation in a skin in natural way.

Some physician says that Vitiligo patient should avoid the non vegetarian foods like beef, fish etc.

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